Transfer Students

The program is a first‐professional degree program and requires a four‐year sequence of courses. Transfer students with no design related courses will require the four‐year sequence of major courses in our program (not necessarily full‐time status) regardless of the number of credit hours transferred. Transfer students with previous design coursework at the college level will be placed in the program after assessment of their transcript and portfolio (see Program Description). The four‐year sequence of courses terminates with a senior portfolio review and exhibit.

During the summer, we typically offer four, 1000-level classes for prospective interior design majors.

Summer I

  • INT 1001: Visual Literacy I
  • IND 1010: CAD I Imaging

Summer II

  • INT 1002: Visual Literacy II
  • INT1100: Interior Design Studio I

Successful completion of the four classes listed above allows students to submit a Freshmen Portfolio for review at the end of the courses.

All transfer students who wish to be admitted into the upper‐level [2000‐4000] Interior Design courses at Appalachian State University must complete either the Freshman Portfolio Review or the Transfer Portfolio Review. To be considered for transfer credit for any INT course a portfolio of all work must be submitted and received prior to Reading Day of the Fall or Spring Semester prior to entering Appalachian State University. Without significant transfer credit in interior design courses, the B.S. degree in Interior Design will generally take three to four years to complete.

If you plan on transferring to Appalachian for Interior Design, we urge you to call us, the Interior Design faculty, before enrolling in courses at another institution so we can help you best strategize your curriculum and potential transfer credits.

Please contact Chelsea Helms ( for further information about the summer program for transfer students who wish to major in interior design.

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